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Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender acoustic guitars might not share the glamour and legendary status of their electric counterparts, but they are definitely deserving of an honorable mention. Fender acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes. If you are trying to choose the right one to buy it is largely a matter of preference.

Fender Acoustic Guitars

Most Fender acoustics feature a Spruce solid top with Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides. The important things that you would come to expect from the Fender name, such as quality and playability, are all there. A Fender acoustic produces an overall beautiful tone comprised of resonant lows, full mids and clearly defined highs.

Fender acoustic guitars are light enough to be comfortable and not burdensome, yet durable enough to stand the rigors of vigorous playing and carrying around.

Beginning guitar players are drawn to the easy action and likely to find a Fender acoustic easy to play and therefore a great guitar to learn on. However, even more advanced players are satisfied with the full sound, quality look, comfortability and overall excellent crafstmanship to make a Fender acoustic their first choice.

Are there better acoustic guitars out there? Most guitar experts would say yes. Are there cheaper options available? Yes. But there are also a ton of lower quality acoustic guitars around, and just as many ridiculously expensive ones. A Fender acoustic guitar will give you the complete package you're looking for: good sound, nice look, quality construction, long-lasting and a reasonable price.

Many players buy a Fender acoustic guitar as their first guitar because they aren't guitar experts and trust the Fender name. Years later they're still strumming along on that same guitar and wouldn't dream of playing anything else. Of course, that doesn't surprise us. The bottom line is Fender is a name you can trust, for acoustic or electric guitars, and with very good reason.