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When you hear the word Fender, you naturally think of guitars. However, back in the mid-1940s, before Telecaster and Stratocaster were part of a musician's everyday language, Fender amps were starting to make some noise. (Bad pun, we know.)

Fender Amp Fender Amp

Leo Fender was actually an electronics technician, not an accomplished musician trying to make a name for himself. Repairing radios, phonographs, as well as instrument amplifiers intrigued this innovative man to make the jump from repair to production in 1945. Fender was intent on improving the flaws he saw in the modern musical amplifiers of his day. Improve them he did and throughout the decades, Fender amplifiers have continued to be some of the most used amps by guitarists around the world.

The Acoustatonic trio of amps are more than just widely-used, the Acoustatonic Juinor (now upgraded to the Acoustatonic Juinor DSP) is the world's most popular acoustic amplifier. Exceptional craftsmanship produces a warm, natural sound. Combine that with an always important "easy-to-use" factor, moderate price, portability and classic style, and you can see why many musicians claim this amp as the best they've ever owned.

As far as Fender amplifiers for electric guitars go, there certainly are no shortage to choose from. The Cyber-Series contains their flagship amp, the Cyber-Twin. The newer Dyna-Touch III series features six different amplifiers, the Bullet 150, Champion 300, Princeton 650, Deluxe 900, Stage 1000 and Stage 1600. Fender also makes more specialized amps that better suit specific musical styles, such as the blues, jazz or steel guitar.

Vintage Fender amps include the Bandmaster, Twin, Tremolux, Vibrolux, Deluxe and Bassman. Some of Fender's popular amps from the past are available as vintage reissues. The Bassman Fender amp has been a mainstay for bass players for decades and continues to be one of the most popular electric bass amplifiers on the market, while the Rumble Series brings its own unique features to the table.